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My new book, Alien Outpost, is now available on Kindle!

Alien Outpost cover
Alien Outpost cover

“In post-collapse America, life was hard. The high-altitude EMP attack over the U.S. capitol ended the comforts of everyday life. The country split up into regions. And the attacks, looting, and terrorism across the former nation made things worse.

In the remote town of Starwood, Texas, life was better. It’s residents had power and food. And the soldiers from Starwood Arsenal kept the looters away. So the people hadn’t anticipated the day the military turned against them.

Now sixteen-year-old Billy Barrett finds himself in a battle for freedom and a search for answers. Starwood has become a ghost town, and Billy – along with his friends Frankie and Vela – must stay hidden as they try to figure out what happened and remain free.

The base and town have become the center of strange occurrences. But when they see UFOs overheard and meet the mysterious stranger named Clint, things really get weird!”

Discover what Billy and his friends learn about aliens, secret government projects, and survival…in the chaotic new America.

If you’re interested in UFOs, aliens, secret government projects, and guns – you’ll probably like this book! (My hope is readers like it a lot.) It’s fun, light sci-fi action – nothing too intellectually taxing. Suitable for kids ages 12 to 92!

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