My name is Shawn Plep – thanks for visiting my home page. I’m a coder, SEO and full-stack web developer based in the South. I grew up in the New Orleans area (Gretna, LA) and am now raising my family in North Alabama.

Professionally, I have pursued a career that incorporates coding (PHP, MySQL, Python, jQuery), SEO, web development, copywriting, and affiliate marketing. I started off making simple HTML websites back in 1995. I continue to enjoy learning new web technologies, and perfecting my existing skills.

These days, I create everything from static sites to WordPress plugins to ecommerce sites (Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, osCommerce) to custom web applications using HTML5, MySQL, PHP, and Javascript.

Some of the projects I’ve developed (or contributed significantly to) include Dunn Bros Coffee, Minnesota Workwear, Nootropics Outlet, Hanry Law, Comtrol Corp., Shuron Glasses and Modern Automotive Performance. I am employed by the company Minnesota Interactive (in Minneapolis, MN) and work with a great team of web professionals.

I’m interested in “real world” skills as well, and my interests IRL include playing airsoft with my kids and gardening. My near-future aspirations include putting the final touches on my first sci-fi novel, learning to weld, and fully restoring my 4×4 1996 Toyota FJZ80.

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