Unlawful Technology: Death Hacks and Eternal Life Without God

For centuries, for ever, mankind has sought to cheat death. But death always comes to claim its rightful possession. The fountain of youth is just a legend. Each man who has been been born and died had to meet his Maker – whether or not he wanted to meet Him. It’s just the way things are.

But now, in the 21st century, men have decided to search for ways to delay or even cancel the meeting. Some of the best minds on earth are attempting to “hack” death – via the wonders of modern technology. It’s the stuff of entertainment as well as real-life technology, and the lines between fact and fiction are getting very blurry. Will our world’s foremost transhumanist minds win in their fight against death? Will they find eternal life, without God?

Solomon, the ancient king known no less for his wisdom than his power and riches, had this to say about death:
“There is no man that hath power over the spirit to retain the spirit; neither hath he power in the day of death: and there is no discharge in that war; neither shall wickedness deliver those that are given to it.” (Ecclesiastes 8:8)

But that was back in 930 BC. What did that old dude know? It’s 2018 now, and we’re surely much smarter.

Is Curing Death Possible?

Have things changed since he wrote those words, almost a thousand years before Christ? Yes, a little – but men still die. Not that they aren’t attempting to get around it. Men like Ray Kurzweil who think (and hope) life can be extended indefinitely, and the Google-backed company Calico (“California Life Company”) who are spending lots of money (and time, the stuff life is made of) researching how to extend life, and many other famous names in technology from Ellison to Thiel are all trying to uncover the secrets of cheating death.

They could save themselves a lot of trouble if they’d just listen to that old Blue Oyster Cult song – and not fear the reaper. But the reaper is pretty scary, especially when the afterlife might not be the way you’d like it to be.

Better yet, they would save themselves a lot of trouble if they would just listen to the Bible. If they would read what the Book says (and believe it), they’d learn far more secrets about death than their billions of dollars and years of research could ever tell them.

To start with, they would learn that death is inevitable. I know, they think they can get around that, but there will be no loopholes. These men are sure to fail.

“And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment” (Hebrews 9:27)

Why Shouldn’t We Try to Hack Death?

But let’s play “devil’s advocate”. What if there is something to all of this? What if it could be successful? What’s so wrong with cheating death? Fair questions. But I have some reasons why the whole idea of cheating death is vanity (as Solomon would say).

  • It is anti-God. The whole concept of extending lifespans unnaturally and cheating death begins with the premise that “we reject God”. To the pioneers in anti-death technology either there is no God, or God is incorrect, or God can’t dictate our fate. Either way, the foundation of these efforts is rejection of and rebellion against God and God’s Word. Much of what is commonly called “life-extension” research actually falls into the category of antichrist technology: it looks for other ways to achieve eternal life, other than God’s plan. (Since they’ve rejected God at every step of the way ,they need to replace him with something – usually AI, the god made in man’s image.)
  • It embraces the serpent’s urgings. I’m referring here to what the serpent in the garden urged Eve to do – and by extension, Adam – to do. This “unlawful” technology effectively says there was nothing wrong with Adam’s sin and what he did was just fine. What was Adam’s sin? It was a lot of things, but it comes down to 1) rejection of God’s Word, 2) self-godhood, 3) a search for knowledge outside of God’s framework, 4) siding with God’s enemy. This area of research – the attempt to live forever on our own terms – is another form of the exact same thing the serpent tempted Eve with.
  • It blames God for death. Realize that when someone like Kurzweil tells us death is a tragedy, and we’re going to fix it, he’s admitting that death is a curse but implicitly saying God is the one to blame. You don’t think it’s an attempt to slap God in the face to try to keep on living on earth, through man-made technology? It is, because no where do any of these technocrats ever acknowledge that we are sinful and therefore we have this corruption.
  • It rejects the Gospel. The search for eternal life in the flesh, on this earth, in the “here and now” is a total rejection and revilement of everything the Gospel says. By looking for ways to live forever, not only are these people saying, “God did not provide a solution to death” but they’re sending a message that the Gospel is not true. Don’t miss that.
  • It rejects Jesus Christ. If you are looking for “eternal life” that comes in a vial or microchip or some other means, you certainly don’t believe what Jesus clearly said. He said “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” Does that mean anything? Is that statement true? How about another of His statements, where He said, “I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.” Do the words of Jesus have any meaning? If so, what did He mean – and are those words true or are they lies? That’s a question everyone must answer for themselves. But a person can’t believe they need to find a way to cling desperately onto mortal life while at the same time believing that Jesus was telling the truth. You either reject one or reject the other. If you believe Jesus, and believe He did what the Bible says, you won’t feel any need to cling to transhumanist promises.
  • It says that mankind can be his own god. This is the essence of the matter, and the core of why these people feel the need to try and find a cure for death: they have struck off on their own, and told God “no thanks, we’ll figure out a way to do this on our own”. Believe this, Kurzweil does not bow down to the Creator each morning, thanking Him for everlasting life. Try to imagine that; it goes against everything the transhumanist movement believes in.
  • It is creepy and perverse. (Not always, but fairly often.) Much of the culture that surrounds life-extension technologies, transhumanism, and everything related seems to get off into the realm of depressing, dark, and dystopian territory. To be clear, when I say “creepy”, I’m not talking about stuff like taking your vitamins. I’m talking about The Brain That Wouldn’t Die-types of things. Because on one end of the spectrum there’s a lot of “normal” improvements to our lives here on earth like taking supplements and eating right. This end of the spectrum is (in my humble but correct opinion) OK: it works within the system of natural order. The other end of the spectrum is where things are creepy and just plain wrong – freezing people and implanting their brains in robot bodies, uploading people’s minds into AI copies of themselves, injecting nanorobots into people, and turning people into non-biological entities, among other things. Call me the weirdo if you want to, but I think a lot of the stuff researchers are feverishly working to create is the stuff of nightmares.
  • It is doomed to fail. Right or wrong, believe what you want about it…it’s never going to work. Don’t think I’m just a doubter; I know they have and will continue to develop some amazing technologies. But I contend that they never will defeat death, because mankind is not just a piece of meat that can be kept alive with the right kind of parts replacement and enough electricity. A person is a living soul. The body is destined to die, no matter what we do. God is the one Who gives life, and God is the one Who takes it. He has the ultimate say in the matter, no matter what this world’s billionaires and scientists insist on contending. Neither goodness nor wickedness can deliver those who are given to death – and that includes all of us.

Solomon told us we have no power to retain our own spirit. The rest of his statement on death is also instructive: “And so I saw the wicked buried, who had come and gone from the place of the holy, and they were forgotten in the city where they had so done: this is also vanity.” (Ecclesiastes 8:10)

What Will be the Result of Trying to Cheat Death?

All of today’s very best headline-making scientists and top brains will one day be forgotten – both the good ones and the wicked ones. None of what they do will ultimately matter – I promise you. If you’ve read my past articles, you know my stance on AI, transhumanism, the end times, etc. and it basically comes down to: it’s all very interesting, but I already know who prevails in the end.

So, do I care about cheating death? No; not in any earthly sense. Jesus Christ already defeated death. He solved the problem for me and everyone else who will accept the clear, simple solution. You can know death has no power over you. I totally, 100% believe 1 Corinthians 15:50-57. I have no reason to waste my current life seeking ways to extend it (beyond basic common-sense nutrition). To me, transhumanism is the ultimate irony; it’s like wallowing in death.

I liken the quest to defeat death apart from God to the Tower of Babel. We’re witnessing the building of a new Tower, but this time it’s technological and virtual. We’re witnessing a new World Order – which is the old one you can read about in Genesis 11, just repackaged a bit.

A lot of people want to be a part of the so-called “New World Order” (even if they never use that term). They believe it’s claims. They embrace a vision of a new world, recreated in man’s image (not God’s image). But it’s all gonna fail, and it’s gonna burn down. Don’t let the slick advertising for all things against God fool you.

There is a new world order coming, one that will work perfectly and one that will last. But the mind behind it is not an AI, and the ruler of it will not be fallen man. It will be the true God who created everything (from nothingness).

Get on board – while you can.

Round Up: Drag for Kids – Bionic Hand – Worshiping AI – Real Slaughterbots – Social Score – Gospel

Drag for Kids

In the backwards, bigoted 1950s, families had a mom and dad and kids watched the Mickey Mouse Club on their black-and-white TVs. How quaint! Now, we’re much more “enlightened”: a family can be anything, even a mom and dad who turn into a dad and mom (who are really the mom and dad, reversed) and kids can join drag clubs. Sometimes, I just want to get outta here!

The world will tell you this is brave or even “cute”. It’s not. This is totally, 100% sick, evil and perverse. People who can’t see that are deceived and need to get their minds in line with God’s thinking, plain and simple. This is the stuff of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Six Million Dollar Man? The Bionic Woman? Or Terminator?

We can finally grow artificial muscles. And now we can even make a real-life bionic Luke Skywalker hand. (All we need now are the lightsabers! Wouldn’t that be cool?)

What will all these improvements in technology be used for? We’re always told: medical miracles, saving lives, and helping humanity. Some of those things will happen, of course. But you can bank on two other things happening – squandering of the technology for selfish uses, and suppression of the technology for the elites’ full benefit only. The “masses” simply will not get the full capabilities (for true good) that these technological developments are capable of.

Sadly, do you know what the masses will get from all this AI and cyborg and robotic technology? Mostly, increased repression by much of the tech – willingly and unwillingly – and sexbots. Yes, seriously: that’s pretty much it. The masses much be suppressed, weakened, and rendered compliant by the “powers and principalities” that rule this world.

AIs and Non-Human Intelligences

We are being told that non-human intelligences are where we need to look for help. And because we (and our children) are being taught and conditioned to always look toward something not human and not the LORD for help, a very dangerous precedent is being set. AIs are the thing (now) but think a little bigger. (Here’s a fun little thought exercise: when you see the term “AI”, substitute the term non-human intelligence, spiritual intelligence, extra-dimensional intelligence, and even extra-terrestrial intelligence. Changes things a bit, doesn’t it?)

Non-humans are touted as superior, better, and more capable. And it’s probably true: AIs do everything faster than us, from learning and then mastering chess to thinking and building more and better AIs. We can only replicate ourselves, and it takes at least nine months just to make the “copy”, who then takes even more years to mature. An AI can do something similar in minutes and hours – and it’s “copy” is a vast improvement on the original.

In this world, with this future, we can’t compete. If this is allowed to continue, humans will be irrelevant. Which is why we need to look to the One to Created it all. (He is coming back – and He will intervene, by the way!)

The AI Gods in 2018

UPDATE: The religion of the coming AI gods is being mainstreamed now. This theme is still in the news, and I predict in 2018 it will become commonplace to be hear about worshipping AIs and for news articles to mention techno-religions. The idea of an AI religion appears in this article about the Consumer Electronics Show, with the casual mention that “the range of online offerings could be worshipped”.

That last line was meant in the article in a very literal sense. This is what is known as “programming“. Whether you and I believe in an AI god is irrelevant in a sense; what matters is the people who invent and market technology and create and publish media do believe in it. These are the people who are “programming” today’s kids! What will the coming next generation believe in?

Slaughterbots Coming to Pass?

UPDATE: Slaughterbots wasn’t just a frightening vision of the future – it depicted things that are possible and happening. The drone swarms shown in that film exist. In real life, two companies are developing these “Gremlin” drones, which can be mass-deployed out of the back of large aircraft such as the C-130. The stated purpose is “spying on the enemy or destroying radar and missile positions.” Presumably, this is how the USAF will use them. (No mention was made of how the technology will be used by hackers, terrorists, or dictators once it’s stolen and copied.)

Your Universal Government Mark Social Score

If you thought Facebook was hard to get away from, get ready for the mandated social profile you’re going to get – whether you want it or not! It’s your personal, permanent, social score. It will follow you for life. It will eventually become global. And you can’t opt out.

One thing I am seeing is now that blockchain technology is becoming ubiquitous, it most likely will underly anything else that comes along. It’s already of course the basis for cryptocurrencies, but it’s also part of global AI knowledge, and also will be part of a world-wide “social network”. This is one social network that people will be very strongly encouraged to be part of.

The Answer for a Corrupt World

So, what’s the answer to all of these problems? It’s very simple. Read Jesus’ words in the Bible, and learn what the Good News is. “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” He was and is the Living Word. Don’t know Jesus? Check out this “sermon”. The gospel message in the video (explained here as well) is clear, truthful, and inspiring – and tells us how to be free from the corruption enveloping this world presently.

UFOs and Demons

Have you been paying attention to the news recently? I’m not talking about fringe news, alternative media, or Alex Jones. No, I’m talking about the fak – er, I mean…major media news networks: CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, and the other mainstream media news networks we’ve all come to trust so much. (Right? Riiight.) In recent weeks, all the major networks have either released reports or done interviews that reveal an actual, verified, legitimate long-term government investigation into the UFO phenomenon has taken place at the highest levels. (I briefly mentioned this and linked to some interviews in this recent round up article under the heading “Impending Disclosure?“.)

I’m not talking about some dusty old Project Bluebook or Majestic-12 files, either: the Pentagon has invested at least $22 million (on the books) in what the New York Times reported as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program in two recent feature articles. The government investigative program was supposed to have been shut down in 2012, but might be active to this day under hidden funding or under other auspices. Yes, just like one of those infamous “black projects” you hear about in spy movies. (Harry Reid, speaking of this program, even used the words “black money” to describe how it was funded.)

My understanding is that the Program was run by a MI spook from within the actual Pentagon, was initiated by the Defense Intelligence Agency, had the sanction of the DoD, and had the backing of former Senate majority leader Harry Reid of Nevada. So regardless of what you think you know about UFOs, realize this: the government believes in them enough to run a years-long investigation of UFOs at the highest levels.

Senator Reid stated that the program made “extraordinary discoveries”, but the DoD isn’t telling the public what they’ve learned. What they are doing is allowing the director of the apparent director of the government program, Luis Elizondo, to give interviews to all the major networks. (Reportedly, he resigned the program but had a successor.) They’re releasing very limited (but interesting!) video footage of US Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter pilots in the air as they encounter multiple UFOs. They’re allowing or perhaps encouraging others who are or were involved to release some scant details as well. (And you can be sure the operative word in what I just wrote is the word “allowing“.)

Disclosure, Finally?

While it certainly isn’t the famed “disclosure”, it’s something like it. “Disclosure lite“, perhaps?

see-hear-day-alienNow that the US government is neither confirming nor denying the existence of UFOs – but is instead allowing footage to be released as well as details of official investigations – we should start paying more attention to the matter. The former director of the UKs UFO program said this latest US government revelation was the closest the US has ever come to saying “This is real”. It should be close enough for even the most ardent skeptics to at least pay attention – and many people are.

The prospect of UFOs being taken out of the conspiracy theory realm and into reality sure is exciting, especially for former X-Files fans. But, pleasedon’t jump to any conclusions! For instance, don’t assume that if UFOs are real and if these UFOs aren’t experimental aircraft…they are aliens. That would be a big assumption, and not necessarily true. To be clear: even if UFOs are real, they aren’t necessarily “aliens”.

Here’s a quote from the New York Times article: “While not addressing the merits of the program, Sara Seager, an astrophysicist at M.I.T., cautioned that not knowing the origin of an object does not mean that it is from another planet or galaxy.”

Not Aliens?

The astrophysicist is not the first authoritative figure to seriously talk about UFOs and suggest the possibility that they might not be aliens, but something else altogether. Former director Luis Elizondo “determined that the phenomena they had studied did not seem to originate from any country”, which probably leaves out something terrestrial but definitely leaves out “human” as a possible origin, since governments are run by humans (even though they can be inhumane at times).

So, we can safely posit a non-human source for UFOs. The UFO phenomenon has many hallmarks of intelligence, awareness, and even planning when you account for the behavior of the objects. But…there’s nothing I’m aware of in any reported sighting, video, or photographic evidence that shows UFOs come from outside our solar system – or even outside our planet. (Can you?)

So, what could be non-human, but confined to the earth and its environs? I want to suggest something far less sci-fi in nature, and much more mystical in nature. Something more associated with grimoires than microchips. Yeah, I’m talking about demons.

aliens-are-demonsThis isn’t my idea, and it’s certainly nothing new. Going back a few decades, Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Dr. Jacques Vallee both suggested that the UFO phenomenon could have a spiritual aspect. Hynek seemed to hold a view that the beings in control of UFOs could have been from an advanced civilization, but didn’t see interplanetary travel at light-speed to be a probable possibility. Dr. Vallee, now and decades ago, holds the view that UFOs are more than just nuts-and-bolts space ships – they are part of a parapsychological phenomenon. If these men were Christians, they would probably fine-tune their terminology a bit, but I believe they are getting pretty close to the essence of the true nature of UFOs and aliens. I guess you could say it this way: one man’s interdimensional non-human sentient being is another man’s demon spirit. We both agree on one thing: aliens and UFOs are not extraterrestrial.

The “aliens are demons” possibility is worth exploring, but it’s a decidedly unpopular point of view. Maybe because it’s too creepy. People want to believe in E.T., but they don’t want to accept the possibility that demons are real and involved in human activities. They probably wouldn’t mind if they met a cute little extraterrestrial friend and helped him phone home. But they would hate for their little friend to be something straight out of the Exorcist.

As unpleasant, scary, or weird as it may be, I think UFOs and aliens are best understood within a spiritual context. I don’t have all the answers, but I do think a few Biblical concepts coincide quite well with aliens & UFOs. I’ll give you some of my reasons why.

Before I give you my Biblical perspective, I have a disclaimer for all readers that I must stress: no one can understand the simple words in the Bible without spiritual insight. Approaching that book with mockery, distrust or hatred from the start only leaves that reader with confusion and lack of understanding. “The natural man” is incapable of understanding the things of God. So my suggestion is to be open to learning what the Bible has to say on this subject, and seek understanding from God.

With that disclaimer, here are some random points of interest that relate demons and aliens. Stay with me, because it might seem like I go off in a few directions, but it will all connect by the end of this article.

Prerequisites & Assumptions for this View

  • For purposes of argument (in the classic sense) we must assume a few things in the following points: 1) non-human, intelligent beings exist, 2) these beings interact with humans in various ways that can change depending on their goals and/or human perceptions, 3) the Bible is accurate and presents data that can inform humans about these beings.
  • Again, one necessity when examining Biblical data is spiritual insight. Approaching this book any other way is a waste of time. (Thus, assumption #3 above is necessary.)
  • Remember that “aliens” and “space ships” are modern constructs both in language and imagery. In other words, people came up with these ideas in the 20th century and largely fit UFO-related phenomena into these specific paradigms. (This is the popular view, by far.) If aliens existed in 1800, what were they back then? If UFOs were ever seen in 1600, what were they called? If an alien abducted someone in the year 1000, what did the abductee see (or think they saw) and how did they describe it? I submit to you it was not in the context of “an invader from outer space”. That idea came about fairly recently – in the late 1940s. PREVIOUS to that, this phenomenon existed, but was DESCRIBED differently. This is important to remember.
  • In the Bible, there are beings sometimes called demons, or devils. Sometimes called lying spirits, sometimes called evil spirits or unclean spirits. Their existence and reality is acknowledged, but their origin is not really “spelled out” anywhere in the Bible.
  • Even though there are different “classes” or types of angelic creatures, an angelic beings of all kinds have certain commonalities. I’m assuming that angelic beings retain their abilities and characteristics whether or not they’re “good” or “evil”.
  • I sometimes use the words devils and demons interchangeably. I’m assuming any false gods mentioned in the Bible (or outside of the Bible) are these same demons or (more specifically) fallen angelic beings.


  • fallen-starOne creature, for whom we can infer a bit of its origin, is who we might call “the” devil. His “job” is deceiver, and in English we used that word as a proper noun to name him: Satan. Related names for him are Lucifer, the Great Serpent, and Dragon. (He really is a “Reptilian”. Calling David Icke!)
  • Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28 help us fill in some of the blanks about this being. It seems he was a CHERUB. (For the searchers out there, look up the Assyrian/Sumerian/Akkadian cherubs or kerubs, and you will find a few other morsels of information.) What is a cherub? For simplicity’s sake, it is an angelic being with many faces. There are many versions of these (in Hebrew and other religions) but basically in every case they are animal-human hybrids. Ezekiel describes the cherub in detail, and we see all the animal “kingdoms” represented (man, mammal, bird) except the “scaled” animals: fish and reptile. The reptile is missing. So, if he’s no longer in Heaven, where is he? He’s occupying earth.
  • Take note of that. Lucifer, the fallen cherub who primarily seems to take the form of a reptile or serpent, is ON THE EARTH. When he appears before the Lord in the book of Job, he explains where he’s been: going to and fro on the earth. All over planet earth. Not in hell. The devil doesn’t live in hell, like in the cartoons.
  • Peter comments on this creature further, adding that he roams the earth like a roaring lion. Peter doesn’t say the devil LOOKS like a lion, just that he roams this planet searching for his next victim, the way a lion would search for prey. Again: his primary REALM OF ACTIVITY is planet earth.
  • So what does all this have to do with UFOs? I’ll get to that. But I want to set the scene and give the jury the details. One of the important details has to do with a particular title this being is known for: the PRINCE (as in, principal one) of the POWER OF THE AIR. Hopefully now we’re getting somewhere – we can see he has a connection with the atmosphere of planet earth. And this is very specifically mentioned in the Bible. No where does the Bible say the devil is in hell; but the Bible DOES say the devil is a ruler with power over the AIR. What is the air? The SKY and the SKIES. The HEAVENS. The ATMOSPHERE. Whatever you want to call it, it’s where things fly around. (Getting the connection so far?) The devils constitute a type of air force.
  • Another detail about this creature is provided by Paul, who informs us that Satan is able to appear as an angel of LIGHT. If you know your Bible stories, you know the story where he appeared as a snake. His original, perhaps primary appearance, was as a cherub. And we know he can appear to look like something good and pure: an angel of light. A thing of beauty, appealing to the typical New Ager. Does this mean he can appear in other forms as well, forms that suit his purposes? Yes – he would appear in the form of a pretty woman if that suited his purposes. (And in that case, you or I might have met him a few times.)
  • Lastly, his symbol is that of a fallen star. A “star”, figuratively, is used a few times to represent “spiritual intelligences” in the Bible (see Daniel, Jude and Revelation) – so we might equate a fallen angel with a fallen star. A star is used in classic symbolism depicting satanic worship and witchcraft. The star – in connection with demon worship – is also alluded to in the Bible in Amos 5:26 and in Acts 7:43. The well-known pentagram symbol represents a star, pointed downwards, which coincidentally agrees with the Isaiah’s account of the cherub (Lucifer) being cast downward out of heaven – to earth. Jesus verified this incident. With the view that aliens are actually demonic, I like to call Lucifer’s fall from heaven the first UFO crash.


  • But what about all the little demons running around? We can’t forget about them. I’ve been talking about their big boss, Lucifer himself, but we aren’t given many details about “demons”; we know they are diabolos in Spanish – diabolicals. They are daimonos in Greek – genuises, literally. Etymologically, we can ascertain that these things are: 1) evil and 2) smart. Hella smart, in the truest sense.
  • alien-half-viewIn the distant past, we are told that some angels left their first estate. These particular angels abandoned the realm in which they were intended to live. Instead of staying where they belonged…they came to earth. See Jude 6 and also II Peter 2:4 in connection with Genesis 6:1-4. (As a “rabbit trail”, the context of all these passages may be connected with alien abduction phenomenon: sexual immorality is mentioned, and we might understand it as perhaps genetic tampering.)
  • These “lower” angelic beings are part of a larger rebellion. Rebellion is what they’ve done, what they incite now, and what they will do in the future (Revelation 12:4). They rebel in many ways: against God, against the order of the universe, against nature (Romans 1). Always against…anti. (As in anti-Christ as well, see 1 John 2:18)
  • Some students of the Bible have made the assumption that the lowest of the evil spirits, the “demons” are spirits of the offspring of fallen angels and humans. This is not stated anywhere in scripture, but it’s not disproven. These “titans” presumably died like men, and they had spirits. Perhaps they roam the earth as demons. Whether or not this is the case, they are different and distinct from cherubim and even the “normal” angels as we would think of them (fallen or otherwise). [Steve Quayle comments on this at some length in the first portion of his fascinating book Genesis 6 Giants.]
  • There are specific ranks and organizing principles of these spirits. We might compare it to ranks in a military order, or status within an organization, or privilege within a kingdom. At least some of these “ranks” are listed in Romans 8:38, Ephesians 1:21, Ephesians 3:10, Ephesians 6:12, and Colossians 1:16. Jesus is said to not only defeated them in Colossians 2:15, but we are told he has power over them in Colossians 2:10. (The story of Job coincides with this as well, where the accuser essentially has to seek permission from the Lord in order to take certain actions against those who fear God.)
  • A somewhat random detail, but important: angels do not necessarily have wings. They are said to look like “men” repeatedly throughout scripture (Genesis 32:24, Judges 13, Gen. 18:1, Luke 24:4). Hey, maybe Highway to Heaven is exactly how things are, and angels travel around like Michael Landon (the good angels, at least)! The larger point to keep in mind is they can appear in various forms. I believe Hebrews 13:2 is a statement intended for believers in the true God. Who knows what form a fallen angel may take when appearing to humans who are unaware? Perhaps…it may take on the form of an “alien”.
  • Demon-PossessionThese demons don’t “belong” here on earth, so these creatures have made their own makeshift way of “getting along” on earth. Depending on circumstance or opportunity, they may do any of the following: seek worship, cause sickness, inhabit a body, or alter matter. They may cause humans to see or hear specific things, for their own purposes. They may inspire people to action in many ways. Some of these actions are things people have called “magic” or “powers”. The people who experienced them were either the victims or practitioners of “sorcery” or “witchcraft”. If these same actions were to happen today, they surely would be understood differently – especially if the “window dressing” was metal instead of stone, or an ET instead of the god Apollo.
  • Demons seem to have a desire to inhabit a corporeal body. They prefer human bodies, but sometimes settle on pig bodies or other animals. I suspect they might be satisfied with robot or android bodies as well. See my other articles on AI with this in mind, and think about the possibilities it brings up.


  • Mentally, humans are at a distinct disadvantage when their abilities are matched against those of a cherub, angel, demon, or any other spirit being. A spirit being should be presumed to be much older and thus much more experienced than any human. Humans inhabit and are limited by this thing called “time”. Spirits exist outside of the restraints of time in some ways. A human’s 20, 50, or even 80 years is an insignificant time of learning and experience when compared to a creature who may have existed and observed and interacted with humankind for thousands of years.
  • People’s base tendencies can’t be relied upon. People want to believe in what they understand, observably and naturally. People want to believe in what is easy and most accessible. People want to believe in what interests them. People want to believe in what excuses them. People often gravitate towards things that are attractive or exciting. With all the “shiny objects” that surround us in the time we live, there’s plenty of opportunity for us to be manipulated.
  • People don’t understand the mechanics of the universe. Not even practicing scientists understand the bulk of what can be called “science”. Certain people have very specific knowledge, but no person has all the answers, and the vast majority of people have almost none of the answers. Arthur C. Clark’s “third law” really is true, and so is a variant on his statement: “Magic is indistinguishable from any sufficiently advanced technology.” Stated plainly, most humans can be convinced something is advanced technology when what they are seeing is actually “magic”…performed by spirit beings posing as flesh-and-blood “aliens”. This is because people have no way of distinguishing between what is possible scientifically and what is possible spiritually.
  • People are easily fooled. In general, people can be conned, tricked, fooled, deceived, and cajoled into doing things they shouldn’t. Most people have undeveloped, limited or non-existent skills of discernment. Humans can be cleverly led down paths they shouldn’t travel. (If someone thinks they’re “too smart” for that, they’re mistaken: they might not be fooled by a religious huckster or a conniving seductress, but inevitable they’re vulnerable to investment mania or personality worship or some other weakness.)


I propose that the entire concept of aliens, UFOs, advanced extraterrestrial technology, abductions, and everything related to it is a modern framework for understanding something which is very old. In the distant past, these same aliens have been seen and encountered by people but were understood to be a number of other things: elves, gods, demons, angels, goddesses, fairies, imps – perhaps the people’s own ancestors. The aerial aspect of the demon phenomenon may not have occurred as much (or in the same way). When signs appeared in the heavens, however, people did not describe them as “space ships” or “flying saucers” because their language did not accommodate those concepts!

Today, many people have come to expect that a UFO is either a space ship from another galaxy, a government black project from a secret “skunk works”, or perhaps even highly-evolved time-travelers from another dimension. They often won’t even consider an idea as “archaic” as a fallen angel, because the idea isn’t acceptable in modern times or in secular society. Thus, the spirit being explanation isn’t given consideration – even though it’s just as valid as a possible explanation!

I would suggest to believers in “space aliens” that you should look at all possibilities – no matter how unpopular they may be. You don’t even have to believe me – some Bible scholars have a slightly different take on the subject, but come to similar conclusions. Other people such as this ex-occultist say the exact same things I came up with, independently. Ultimately, you have to come to your own conclusions – but such a strange mystery as UFOs probably has an equally strange explanation, and there’s no reason we shouldn’t re-examine things from the distant past to find some answers.

We aren’t equipped to deal with these things on our own. The governments of the world will continue to study them, but they won’t get to the real truth of what UFOs really are. If anything, the officials in government and industry will be deceived by these very clever and cunning creatures we know to be devils.

But people don’t have to be fooled by any of this. The Bible really is true, really does contain the truth, and really does explain how things work in this world – both spiritually and in the physical realm. We aren’t told every detail, but we are told what we need to know.

And finally, we don’t need to feel helpless. Not only do we know that Jesus is more powerful than any spirit based on what the Bible tells us, there’s ample testimony from abduction victims that backs up the “aliens are demons” hypothesis. Yes, aliens are afraid of God and act just like the demons of the Bible did when confronted with the authority of Jesus.

If you have a different opinion on aliens and demons, an experience you’d like to share, or a question, please comment below!

UPDATE 1/4/18. This short video covers some of the material in this post, and offers some of the same conclusions. I think it makes a good addendum to this study.